We are Lakeview. . .are YOU?

Lakeview Public Schools is proud of our programs and offerings for students.  Our focus on our mission of educating students is unmatched in Macomb County and we believe the results on Michigan standardized tests demonstrate our focus.  Please use the links below to see how Lakeview students performed on recent standardized tests required by the State of Michigan. 

An important note: Lakeview goes beyond these standardized testing results by utilizing a national testing system known as NWEA to help us understand how our students rank nationally. As you'll see, Lakeview's students are doing well.  To find out more about the testing systems in Lakeview, feel free to contact our Curriculum Office at (586) 445-4000, ext 2504 or your child’s school principal.

MI-School Data Lilnk  This button will link you to the State's Dashboard.  On the Dashboard, you'll need to click at the top to "change" to either an individual school or the District to access our educational data.

Building Contact Information

Mr. Chris Hahn
445-4000, ext. 2100

Mrs. Sara Dobbelaer
445-4000, ext. 2200

Mr. Greg Seader
445-4000, ext. 2300

Mr Justin Cabe
445-4000, ext. 2400

Jefferson Middle School
Mr. David Lavender
445-4000, ext. 2601

Lakeview High School
Mr. Brent Case
445-4000, ext. 2711